Idioms from the weather

fair-weather friend = a friend who doesn't support you in bad times, and doesn't help when you is in trouble (bạn phù thịnh) VD: "I'm a bit disappointed in John and David. It turned out they were only fair-weather friends." a snowball's chance, not have a snowball's chance in hell = very little chance, have no chance at all. (cơ hội nhỏ, không có chút cơ hội nào) VD: "We don't have a snowball's chance of winning that contract!" a storm in a teacup = a lot of anger or worry over something small or not important. VD: "Don't worry about those two arguing. it's just a storm in a teacup." be a breeze = to be easy VD "The exam was a breeze." be snowed under with ST = to be very busy, having a lot of work to do, have more things, especially work, than you feel able to deal with. "We're snowed under at work." blow hot and cold = to keep changing your attitude (liên tục thay đổi thái độ/quan điểm) "They're blowing hot and cold over this issue. It's impossible to know what they want!" brass-monkey weather = very cold weather "It's brass-monkey weather today. You'd better wrap up warm!" come rain or shine = whatever happens: "He's always working in his garden – come rain or shine." save up for a rainy day = put money aside for when you might need it later. "I don't want to spend this extra money. I'll save it up for a rainy day." see which way the wind blows = to analyze a situation before doing something. "I'm going to see which way the wind blows before asking her about a raise." steal someone's thunder = do what someone else was going to do and get all the praise. (phỗng tay trên) "You'll steal her thunder if you wear that dress tonight!" take a rain check = postpone something. (trì hoãn, hoãn) "I don't really want to go the cinema tonight. Can we take a rain-check on it?" under the weather = not feel very well. "I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment." weather the storm = to survive a difficult situation. "This recession is quite serious and it's becoming difficult to weather the storm."
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  • Idioms from the weather
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