IETLS writing: Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students..

Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. @ Nowadays in universities, students have a tendency to choose the subjects that are not appropriate for their genders at all. They do that because they are really interested in the subjects. However, it is argued that universities had better approve of an idea that the numbers of male and female have to be equal in every subject. This essay will take a closer look at the issue. On one side of the argument, I completely dissent from the opinion of having the equal numbers of male and female in every subject. Firstly, most universities these days are running under the structure of credits. Thus, students have the right to choose and register which classes as well as subjects they want to attend. The act of choosing and registering are always done via the internet. For this reason, the universities find it difficult to arrange all its students so that every subject can have the equal number of male and female. It takes the universities a lot of time and money to get it done. Secondly, some subjects are just suitable for a particular gender group. For instance, obstetrics is more appropriate for female students. In addition, more female students show interest in that subject than males. In that case, if universities attempt to make the number of male and female equal, they have to accept some male students who do not have passion towards the subject. That will impact upon the students’ academic record as well as the performance of the university. On another side of the argument, if universities agree with the idea of having the equal numbers of male and female students; it will be an advantage when they start learning together as well as working after graduating. If a class has the numbers of male and female equal, the outcome will be better than the class that does not have. As the ideas of male are really different from the ones of female; new and innovative ideas are always needed to make the lesson more vivid and the professors more interested in his or her lecture. In conclusion, universities should rely on the students’ expectation taking them into a particular subject rather than taking students based on gender. Source: englishtime.us
Người đăng: Richard Nguyen, lúc 18:19 19/11/2016
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