Ielts reading tips

1. Read the TITLE and anything written in the subtitle. I must have spent at least 2 minutes looking for an answer in the text, but ultimately found it in the line right below the title!

2. Do not use your reason (deduction skills). Do not use your common knowledge. Do not use any piece of information that is not in the text. The biggest challenge is the "not given" vs "true/false." Sometimes, based on your general knowledge, you assume something is false/true when in fact, it is not stated as such in the text. Your mind will try to convince you that it is in fact either true or false. Use only the text. The only way to get good at these is to take a bunch of IELTS official exams (google extremepapers and something should come up). That's the site I used. It looks shady, but it works just fine.

3. Read the first line and last line of each paragraph. I didn't underline anything. I skimmed the first/last line of each paragraph, and then went straight to the question.

4. Unlike the listening component, the answers in the Reading component are not necessarily in order. I had to tell that to someone right before the exam!

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