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1. Get laid trong đoạn văn sau : First of all, my mindset. I have decided that I need about 20-30 minutes to get to know a woman before I decide that I’d like to invest in getting to 'really' know her. I actually like women who I enjoy, and who I’d enjoy seeing for more than just one 'get laid' session. 2. Bust on her trong đoạn văn sau : Use the fact that she didn't call you back as a theme(chủ đề) to tease her. Bust on her and tell her that she now owes you big time because she flaked out. Get her to beg for forgiveness, then say "I'll think about it... and while I'm thinking, come over here and give me a two hour full body massage". 3. bust her balls trong đoạn văn sau : Women always test and challenge with questions and behavior to see if you’ll let them control you. Knowing they often will try, you must stop responding like she’s a boss from whom you need approval! It may not seem logical to bust her balls when these things happen, but that’s exactly what you need to do. At all costs, don’t be a wuss and kiss up to her. 4. the line trong đoạn văn sau : The key to starting a conversation with a woman is your body language, facial expression, and voice tone. No magic pickup line is going to work if you’re shaking so badly that you need to sit down to deliver the line. 5. I steal their lines trong đoạn văn sau : I steal their lines, I tease them, and I don't ever give them a break. In my opinion, the one most important skill, no matter your looks, height, age, or income - is humor. Thank for all!
Người đăng: Richard Nguyen, lúc 18:22 19/11/2016
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