SN1: Openings and closings

[COLOR=Red]Speaking Naturally Unit 1: Openings and closings Dialogue A: Mike: Say, Grace, how you doing? Grace: Mike! Hey, how are you? Mike: Not bad. Where you going?* Grace: Over to Jerry's. How about you? Mike: Oh, I just got off work. Boy, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse! Grace: Where are you working now? Mike: J & L Steel. It's a real pain. But I guess I shouldn't complain. Lots of guys are out of work these days. Grace: Yeah, that's the truth. Well, I better let you go get some supper.* Mike: Yeah. It was great seeing you again. Maybe we could get together sometime. Grace: Sounds good.* I'll give you a call. Mike: OK. Great. Well, I'll be seeing you. Grace: OK, Mike. Enjoy your meal. Mike: Thanks. Bye. Grace: Bye. get off work: finish working for the day out of work: unemployed Dialogue B: (The telephone rings.) Dean Schubert: Hello. This is Virginia Schubert. Fred Marshall: Hello, Dean Schubert. My name is Fred Marshall. I'm a reporter from the Times. Dean Schubert: Yes? Fred Marshall: I heard about a strange animal at your house. Could I come and talk to you about it? Dean Schubert: Yes, it certainly would make an amusing story! Can you come this afternoon at three o'clock? Fred Marshall: Yes, that would be fine. Thank you very much. I'll see you then. Dean Schubert: You're welcome. Good-bye. Dialogue C: Jack: Oh, my gosh, that's Susie Johnson! Mike: What? Jack: Over by the bananas. Come on, let's go say hello. (They go over to Susie.) Hey, Susie! Susie: What?. . . Jack?! Jack: Hey, how are you? Gee, we haven't seen each other in... it must be close to three years! Susie: Well, how have you been? Jack: OK. Susie: Still working at Lamstons? Jack: Let's not go into that. Oh, Susie, this is Mike, one of my buddies at work. Susie: Hi, Mike. Mike: Hi, how are you? Jack: Gee, we ought to go somewhere to talk. How about Peter's Pub? Susie: Sounds good. Just give me a minute to pick up a few things for dinner tonight. Jack: OK. See you at the check-out stand. oh my gosh: an expression that shows surprise gee: an expression that shows surprise buddy: good friend check-out stand: cashier; where you pay for what you buy Script:
[FONT="]Good morning. [FONT="]Good morning.
[FONT="]Good afternoon. [FONT="]Good afternoon.
[FONT="]Good evening. [FONT="]Good evening.
[FONT="]How nice to see you! [FONT="]Yes, it's been quite a while.
[FONT="]What a pleasant surprise!
[FONT="]Hello, Robert. [FONT="]Hello, Kathryn.
[FONT="]How are you? [FONT="]Fine, thanks. And you?
[FONT="]Hi, Bob. [FONT="]Hi, Kathy.
[FONT="]How've you been? [FONT="]Pretty good.
[FONT="]What's happening? [FONT="]Not much.
[FONT="]What's new? [FONT="]Nothing.
[FONT="]How are you doing? [FONT="]OK.
[FONT="]How you doing? [FONT="]Not bad.
[FONT="]Long time, no see. [FONT="]Yeah!
[FONT="]Well, I'm afraid I have to be [FONT="]going. (I've got to get up[FONT="] early tomorrow.) [FONT="]Thank you for coming.
[FONT="]It's been a pleasure. [FONT="]Yes, I've enjoyed it.
[FONT="]Thank you for the advice. [FONT="]My pleasure.
[FONT="]I really must go now.
[FONT="]It was nice to see you. [FONT="]It was good to see [FONT="]you.
[FONT="](Note past tense.)
[FONT="]Well, it's getting late. [FONT="]Maybe we can talk again
[FONT="]I know you're busy. . .
[FONT="]Nice to see you again. [FONT="]Nice to see [FONT="]you.
[FONT="]Thanks for coming. [FONT="]It was fun.
[FONT="]Maybe we could get [FONT="]together sometime. [FONT="]Sounds good.
[FONT="]Great seeing you. [FONT="]Same here.
[FONT="]I've really got to go. [FONT="]OK. See you.
[FONT="]Got to go now. [FONT="]See you again.
[FONT="]Until the next time... [FONT="]Good-bye.
[FONT="]Good night, Bill. [FONT="]Good night, Jean.
[FONT="]Good-bye, Harry. [FONT="]Good-bye, Lisa.
[FONT="]Have a nice (weekend). [FONT="]You, too.
[FONT="]Talk to you later. [FONT="]Bye. Take it easy.
[FONT="]See you later. [FONT="]So long. Take care.
Người đăng: Richard Nguyen, lúc 11:28 19/11/2016
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