SN2: Introductions and address systems

Speaking Naturally Unit 2: Introductions and address systems When making an introduction in any language, you need to know the formulas and rules for doing it. You also need to know what to call the participants. This lesson will help you to identify given names and surnames (last names) and to decide which form of the name is appropriate to use. You will also learn how introductions are made. Listen to the following dialogues, paying attention to the introductions and the way people address each other. Dialogue A (The doorbell rings. Mrs. Carr opens the door.) Mrs. Carr: Good evening, George. Come in. How have you been? George: Just fine, thank you. How are you? Mrs. Carr: Oh, reasonably well. George: Mrs. Carr, I would like to introduce a friend of mine, if I may: Albert Douglas. Albert, this is Mrs. Elaine Carr. Albert:Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Carr. Mrs. Carr: I've heard so much about you, Mr. Douglas. Please do come in. Oh, Richie? Darling, I'd like you to meet some¬one - a friend of George's. Mr. Carr: Oh, hello, George. Glad you could make it. (He shakes hands with George.) George: Hello, Rich. It was very thoughtful of you to invite us. Mrs. Carr: Yes, darling, as I was saying, this is Albert Douglas. (to Albert) My husband, Richard. Albert: (shaking hands with Mr. Carr) Very nice to meet you, Mr. Carr. Mr. Carr: The pleasure's mine. But call me Rich. Everyone does. Mind if I call you Albert? Albert: Of course not. But just plain "Al" will do. make it: come
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